Our first project was funded by the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Foundations from January 2014 to June 2016, and had a total volume of $39,834. That project was managed by CRRC-Georgia. Please see our project proposal and the detailed project budget for an in-depth description of our work so far.

More recent projects have been undertaken in the spare time of team members, who are active in a number of other pursuits, between research organizations, consulting and graduate study (see our respective LinkedIn profiles). We are occasionally talking with donors to see whether they are interested in helping expand our efforts to make financial transparency the norm for all quality think tanks. At the same time, we value our independence: we will and can pursue our advocacy independent of whether it aligns with donor priorities, which gives us great freedom. We believe this is particularly valuable, for our cause.

When we receive additional funding in relation to our work for Transparify, for example for a team member to attend a conference, we record this in this publicly accessible sheet