Transparify has produced the following documents:

Think Tank Transparency 2018: How Has Think Tank Transparency Evolved in 2018?

  • A report on the state of think tank transparency in 2018
  • A press release on the launch of the 2018 report

Think Tank Transparency in Canada: Lagging behind the US and UK

  • A report on think tank transparency in Canada
  • A press release on the launch of the 2017 Canada report 

Fake News: Distortion of Democracy by Opaque, Deceptive and Fake ‘Think Tanks’

  • Written evidence submitted to the UK House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, 2017

Think Tanks in the UK 2017: Transparency, Lobbying and Fake News in Brexit Britain


Transparency of Pro-Transparency Advocates 2015

Think Tank Transparency 2015

Think Tank Transparency 2014

Tools for Think Tanks

  • A guide to the Transparify think tank integrity check
  • A guide to using ratings and rankings to drive change

Annotated Bibliographies

Other Publications

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